Single Family Homes

A single family home is a house surrounded by a lawn. If you want as much living space as possible, choose a colonial. Like the typical townhouse, it has three floors. It is typically bigger than a townhouse and, since it is wider, looks better from the street.

On the other extreme is the rambler. All of the living space is on one floor, although there may be a basement. It is like the condominium, only much bigger.

Other choices are compromises between colonials and ramblers. There are split levels, split foyers, cape cods, and contemporaries, to name a few. All are good choices. It depends on what you like.

The other advantage to a single family home is the lot on which it sits. This allows a grassy area for the kids to play, as well as a patio for a cookout. A driveway provides off street parking. A garage protects the car from the elements. Finally, a big enough lot allows an addition to the house.

A single family home requires more maintenance, but it seems trivial compared to the above advantages.


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