Making the Right Moves at the Right Times

As you can see from the other web pages in this web site, there is much to do to get rich. But what do you do first?

As you begin adulthood, you should click on The Pros and Cons of College and go to college, not for some abstract reason, but to learn a profession. This will likely double your income. As you enter the workworld, click on Your Job so that your work attitude will lead to prosperity. You will want to buy a car, but click on Your Car first, so that it does not make you a pauper. If you end up with debt, click on Managing Debt to minimize it. Your apartment rent leeches an enormous amount of money, so click on Your Home to get out of that situation.

You are now on track to becoming rich. Just pay off your mortgage. This may sound daunting, but revisit Your Home and Managing Debt and you will soon (years, not decades) be debt free.

Once your mortgage is paid off, you are rich. It is appropriate to think about conventional investments (stocks and bonds). You may click on Investing , but I do not discuss conventional investments much there. The purpose of Investing is to dissuade you from these investments when you have more lucrative options, such as paying down your debt. Frankly, once your mortgage is paid off, you are destined for wealth no matter what you do (within reason).

Enjoy your wealth.


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