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There is so much to absorb from this web site that I decided to tell a story about a fictitious character who visited this web site and used it throughout his life to get rich. So hang on and enjoy:

The Adventures of Ira Internet

Ira Internet was an intrepid young lad who surfed the internet daily, learning as much as he could. He knew it would pay off in ways that he could not even imagine. He visited this web site and hit the jackpot.

Ira clicked here and decided to go to college. He clicked here and chose to major in computer science, something he enjoyed, so he knew it would pay off. When Ira graduated, he got a job and realized that he needed a car. He clicked here and learned that car loans are not tax deductible, a real ripoff. He chose to drive his parents' old car until he could afford to buy a car the right way. He then clicked here and bought a used luxury car and was the envy of everyone around. With this car, he was able to marry the girl of his dreams, who became Iris Internet.

Ira and Iris clicked here and realized that their apartment was making the landlord rich and them poor. With their double income, they bought the perfect house, unfortunately with a 30 year mortgage. A year later, they had their first child, Irving, followed by Ivana four years later, and Igor eight years later. They wanted to pay for their children's college, so they clicked here and came up with the perfect plan. They would pay off the mortgage before Irving became 18.

With Iris at home to take care of the children, it became hard for the family to make mortgage prepayments. Fortunately, when Igor became five, he went to school and Iris was free to go back to work. She had five years before Irving would go to college. In that time, she advanced the mortgage 11 years and the house was paid off.

Irving went to college supported by Ira and Iris and what had been their monthly mortgage payments. When Irving graduated, Ivana started college. When Ivana left, Igor attended. During this time, Iris was still working, so the couple could afford lavish vacations, expensive cars, and substantial savings, which they invested after clicking here .

When Igor left college, Ira and Iris were free. No college payments. No mortgage payments. No obligations. They retired at 55 and enjoyed a luxurious retirement.

As you read this story, you probably see how The Internet Family could improve their lot even more. Now you are thinking like a millionaire-to-be. Go back to Homepage and read the other web sites and you will be even more prosperous. Good luck.


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